PTPlot: Gauged Lepton Number Model benchmark points

Lepton number breaking phase transition in an extension of the SM with gauged lepton number (supplied by E. Madge).

Benchmark points for the lepton number phase transition in the model considered in, see section 5.2 for the potential. Lepton number is gauged as a $U(1)_\ell$ gauge group. The corresponding gauge boson acquires a mass $m_{Z'}$ when $U(1)_\ell$ is spontaneously broken by an SM singlet scalar $\phi$ with mass $m_\phi$ and lepton number 3. The VEV is set to $v_\phi = 2\,\text{TeV}$. Four different scenarios for the masses of the DM ($m_\text{DM}$) and additional leptons ($m_\text{HL}$) are considered.

General parameters used for plotting: $v_\mathrm{w} = 1.0$, $T_* = 500.0 \, \mathrm{GeV}$ (when all points are plotted), $g_* = 130.0$.

Mission profile: Science Requirements Document (3 years)

This model has the following scenarios:

  • Scenario A: $m_\text{DM} = 0$, $m_\text{HL} = 0$ [plot scenario]
  • Scenario B: $m_\text{DM} = 200\,\text{GeV}$, $m_\text{HL} = 210\,\text{GeV}$ [plot scenario]
  • Scenario C: $m_\text{DM} = 500\,\text{GeV}$, $m_\text{HL} = 1\,\text{TeV}$ [plot scenario]
  • Scenario D: $h^2\Omega_\text{DM} = 0.12$, $m_\text{HL} = 1.5\,m_\text{DM}$ [plot scenario]

Full list of points:

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