PTPlot: Composite Higgs models benchmark points

Benchmark points for minimal composite Higgs models, featuring a PNGB Higgs and a PNGB dilaton (supplied by G. Servant).

Composite Higgs models, which aim at addressing the hierarchy problem, are a natural framework for very supercooled EW phase transitions. The Lagrangian and the parameter regions are given in Section III and Section VI respectively of, Figure 16 of that paper shows typical values of $\alpha$ and $\beta/H$. In this framework, the dynamics of the EW phase transition is governed by the interplay between the dilaton and the Higgs fields. In these models where a very large number of degrees of freedom become massive during the phase transition, the friction and the bubble wall velocity have not yet been computed and v_w is set to 0.95 for illustration. Benchmark points correspond to two categories where the dilaton (a composite particle) is either a meson-like or a glueball-like state.

General parameters used for plotting: $v_\mathrm{w} = 0.95$, $T_* = 150.0 \, \mathrm{GeV}$ (when all points are plotted), $g_* = 106.75$.

Mission profile: Science Requirements Document (3 years)

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