PTPlot: EFT benchmark points

Benchmark points for the SM extended with effective operators up to dimension eight (supplied by M. Chala).

The new physics potential reads $$\Delta V = \frac{c_6}{f^2}|H|^6 + \frac{c_8}{f^4}|H|^8.$$ The effective scale $f/\sqrt{c}$ below is defined by $c/f^2 \equiv \frac{c_6}{f^2} + \frac{3}{2} v^2 \frac{c_8}{f^4}$. The nucleation temperature and other parameters relevant for the gravitational wave spectrum have very little dependence on $c_6$ and $c_8$ independently (see; and they have been computed using a modified version of CosmoTransitions (see

General parameters used for plotting: $v_\mathrm{w} = 0.95$, $T_* = 100.0 \, \mathrm{GeV}$ (when all points are plotted), $g_* = 106.75$.

Mission profile: Science Requirements Document (3 years)

This model has the following scenarios:

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